ZONE3 metrology software makes OGP SmartScope systems faster, easier to use and more productive than ever before.


  • Full routine programming from 3D CAD
  • Real-time kinematic model
  • ASME Y14.5 and ISO 1101 GD&T with animated tolerance zones
  • Interactive & dynamic graphical reporting
  • Probe Builder with live model
  • Alignment Assistance with Degrees of Freedom animation
  • SnapShotTM full- eld image processing

ZONE3 is capable.

Full multi- sensor capability, including built-in scanning laser and scanning probe support, GD&T and custom scripting.

ZONE3 is fast.

Synchronous image processing and high speed cameras allow entire scenes to be measured instantly.

ZONE3 is easy to learn.

The user interface is centered on the part’s 3D CAD model. Align- ments, measurements and constructions are shown graphically in real time. The same setup process is used for all sensors. Learn one, you’ve learned them all.

ZONE3 is available

exclusively from your OGP representative for OGP measuring systems. Contact us to learn more about how you can transform your SmartScope Flash, ZIP, or Quest.