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Automated 3D Scanners to Measure Complex Shapes

logo-newShapeGrabber is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quality Vision International, the world’s largest vision metrology system company. We design, manufacture and sell industrial 3D scanner products that are ideal for measuring complex shapes such as injection molded plastics and castings that are otherwise too time consuming, costly, or difficult to measure.

ShapeGrabber’s state-of-the-art inspection solutions are the next generation in optical 3D measurement systems. Considered to be one of the industrial pioneers in the field, ShapeGrabber has been supplying 3D scanners to industrial customers for over 20 years.

Our 3D scanners are used by customers in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and other industries for quality inspection, dimensional troubleshooting, design and modeling.

blairhqsmallwebShapeGrabber systems require a fraction of the time and resources compared to CMM systems while providing NIST-traceable full surface data of even the most complex plastic injection molded parts, stampings, castings and more.

Our 3D scanners help manufacturers to dramatically reduce their inspection costs, improve their product quality, rapidly conduct first-article inspection, quickly troubleshoot fit problems, and provide documented proof that they are meeting specifications.

ShapeGrabber systems are turnkey solutions that include all required hardware, software, CAD workstation, installation, training, and a full year of support. ShapeGrabber continues to pioneer innovation in 3D measurement, focusing on ever-greater accuracy, system flexibility, ease of use, and speed.

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Automated 3D Scanners to Measure Complex Shapes

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Quality Control for Castings

A ShapeGrabber 3D scanner is ideal for obtaining accurate measurements of metal castings. From turbine blades to aerospace engine parts, our non-contact 3D scanners can quickly inspect an entire, complex-shaped casting to troubleshoot problems and...

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Injection Molded Plastics

ShapeGrabber automated scanners can be used to rapidly measure the multi-curved surfaces of injection-molded plastics. Our non-contact 3D measurement systems are ideal for quickly and accurately scanning an entire part to correctly measure its shape and...

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Automated 3D Scanning

Measure Complex Shapes The ShapeGrabber Ai310 automated 3D scanner is ideal for small to medium, complex-shaped parts where speed, complete coverage and ease-of-use are important. The Ai310 features a compact size that allows this 3D scanner to fit easily on a...

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