The QVI® FlexPointTM Floor Model Series CMMs are the new generation of large format multisensor measuring systems. Featuring high quality construction and a variety of sensor options, FlexPoint systems offer a unique blend of precision, flexibility, and speed, to solve nearly any dimensional measurement challenge presented by large format parts.


  • Choice of TP20 or TP200 touch probe
  • Shop floor friendly
  • QVI ZONE3® premium CAD-based 3D metrology software

Rigid Body Design

The base unit of all FlexPoint Floor Model Series systems are made of massive granite members for thermal stability, load carrying capacity, and vibration isolation. All moving structures are made from either cast aluminum or extruded aluminum to provide rigidity for a wide range of sensor options and high speed motion. A wide bearing stance and air bearings on all axes ensure motion stability for repeatable positioning.

True Multisensor Advantage

FlexPoint systems support a large range of tactile and non-contact sensors: TP20, TP200, and SP25 contact and scanning sensors TeleStar® Probe and Line Scan Laser sensors Rainbow ProbeTM white light sensor.

QVI Video sensor

The unique QVI VersaFlexTM multisensor head introduces the concept of up to three simultaneously available sensors on one articulating probe head. Overhead time for exchanging and recalibrating sensors is eliminated with this arrangement.

Full Measuring Range

Careful design has enabled larger travel in a smaller footprint. The drive-side upright features a cast-in pocket, and the outboard leg is offset from the quill. These designs provide clearance for an articulating probe head to position on all sides of a part, maximizing measurement range within the compact footprint.

Thermal Compensation

Data is constantly fed to a thermal compensation system to ensure high accuracy, even in shop floor environments with significant thermal variation.

Powerful ZONE3 Software

QVI ZONE3® 3D-CAD based metrology software provides complete flexibility for multisensor measurements. An entirely graphical user interface, visual validation for every step, and graphical reporting make ZONE3 the easiest and most intuitive 3D metrology software available.  FlexPoint Floor Model Systems are offered in three base configurations, each with a choice of Y-axis range, to suit a wide variety of manufacturing needs.